Who's Your Travel Buddy?

My coworker/friend and I are planning a long weekend to Philadelphia, and the texts, emails, and phone calls have been flying frantically back and forth as we figure out how to squeeze as many activities into each 24-hour day as possible. After several years and several successful trips together, we are now travel buddies, bracelet buddies, necklace buddies, adventure buddies; I'm really working on her to become tattoo buddies. No luck so far. But we've found in each other all the key ingredients in a great peripatetic relationship. My next few blogs will help those of you who may still be in search of your travel buddy 'soulmate':

1. Eating styles: cheap? authentic? touristy? One big meal, several snacks? Know ahead of time. One friend - not the one I usually travel with - took a road trip with me recently, and rather than experience a restaurant with more local flavor, she wanted Subway. As in five dollar foot long. She even cheerily sang the jingle all the way there. It wasn't a deal breaker, but if I'm in Puerto Rico and find myself at a Burger King, I'm not happy. (That actually happened with my fully experienced travel buddy, but it was a unanimous decision because we were burnt out on deep-fried Alcapurrias and desperately needed green salad. Besides, that's her in the picture thoroughly enjoying a fish taco after an exciting day buoy-watching in Puerto Rico). Know if your travel buddy needs a hearty breakfast or yogurt on the run. Does dinner need to be at a trendy, upscale restaurant or can you scarf Philly cheese steaks as you race from a Duck Tour to the ghost tour?

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